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Published: 1 October 2011
Food & Drink
ISBN: 9781845434144
RRP: £9.99

500 Slow Cooker Dishes

Carol Beckerman

The slow cooker is one of the most useful appliances to have in your kitchen, and one of the most versatile. What could be better than coming into the house on a cold winter’s night, after a long day at work, and all you need to do before dinner is relax in a hot bath as your meal is waiting and ready when you are?

500 Slow Cooker Dishes is a comprehensive guide to all the varying ways you can employ your slow cooker to make your life easier and your cooking more cost efficient. There are recipes to suit vegetarians, meat eaters and pudding lovers. You can even make bread in your slow cooker, and this book shows you how.

Carol Beckerman

Image of Carol Beckerman

CAROL BECKERMAN is a food writer, blogger, recipe developer and author of six popular cookbooks. Since falling in love with the Moose Munch brand of luxury caramel corn while living in California, Carol has devoted her...

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