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Published: 1 October 2012
Food & Drink
ISBN: 9781845434878
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200 Delicious & Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Kester Thompson

Designated driver? Going back to work after lunch? Having a party with lots of teens and tweens or people who just don’t want alcohol? When a cocktail isn’t the right choice, it’s time for a mocktail. And there’s more than a standard-issue Virgin Mary or a Shirley Temple on the menu here! Top bartender Kester Thompson understands that you can’t just forget the tequila in the margarita or the rum in the daiquiri; the flavour won’t be right that way. Instead he’s whipped up a host of gourmet sensations, some meant for the sophisticated palate, others designed to please a thirsty child.

Choose from a variety of drinks: citrusy ones like Mint Lemonade or Mandarin Orange, Chilli and Coriander; ‘berry’ delicious blasts including an Elder-flower Cordial, and tropical temptations as wonderful as a day on the beach – a Guava, Pineapple and Passion fruit mix or a Banana Colada is a sunny treat. Beautiful colour photos throughout provide attractive ideas for serving these mocktails – so they look as great as they taste.

Kester Thompson

Image of Kester Thompson

Kester Thompson is a freelance bar and drinks consultant, and a lecturer at hotel and restaurant management courses. He completed the class at the Absolut Akademi in Sweden, and is qualified to train bartenders...

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